A program to help young people build their communication and leadership skills, enabling them to become future leaders in the community, in business, and in government.

Performance of the Youth Leadership Program is a vehicle for advancement in the Communication Track of the Toastmasters Educational Program.


Consisting of eight workshop-style sessions, the program helps participants to:

  • Organize and present ideas convincingly and logically.
  • Listen carefully to information and ideas presented by others.
  • Provide feedback to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills and to encourage them to continue their learning of these skills.
  • Overcome nervousness and discomfort when speaking before an audience.
  • Participate and lead meetings and group discussions.


  • Youth Leadership Educational Packet (Item 811, $17.00)—Material for presenting to five participants. Includes:
    • Youth Leadership Coordinator's Guide (Item 802, $5.00)
    • Evaluation Guides (set of 25)
    • Youth Leadership Student's Handbook (Item 805, $2.00 each ), set of 5
    • Youth Leadership Completion Certificate (Item 810, $0.60 each), set of 5

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