An Easy Guide to Winning Toastmasters Contests Edit

One of the finest aspects of the Toastmasters organisation is the opportunity to compete against other speakers in a number of contests: the English Prepared, the Humorous, the Evaluation and the Impromptu contests. These four are regularly held at most clubs, some clubs also offer a Tall Stories contest.

Club ContestsEdit

Here is the step by step guide to winning a contest at club level:

  • Prepare a really good speech (this part is true no matter what contest you are participating in - even the Impromptu contest)
  • When the time comes for the contest, deliver your prepared speech with conviction and don't make any obvious mistakes.
  • Make sure that you adequately compensate the judges for their vote (financial compensation is good but blackmail works just as well).
  • Smilingly accept the winners trophy!

Area ContestsEdit

Here is a simple way to win the contest at the Area level:

  • Have someone contact all the other contestants to let them know that the contest date OR time OR venue has changed.
  • Show up as the only contestant at the Area contest.
  • Deliver your speech.
  • Smilingly accept the winners trophy!

Division ContestsEdit

District ContestsEdit

These really are the most difficult ones to win, but with a bit of foresight you can easily overcome!

  • Find out in advance who the judges will be, obtain samples of their signatures.
  • Find out in advance who will be collecting the judges ballots.
  • Prepare filled out and signed judges ballots in advance (obviously putting your name in varying 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions but with the overall effect of you being the winner).
  • Threaten or otherwise convince the ballot collector to ensure that the ballots handed to the tally counters are the ones that you have prepared in advance.
  • Deliver your speech.
  • Smilingly accept the winners trophy!

Have fun now!

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