The fourth ranking club officer, the Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) is responsible for managing communication between the Club and its Community—both externally and internally—to communicate successes, explain challenges, and announce changes to maintain a positive image for the club; and to attract new members.


Outside of the club meetingEdit

  • Promote the club to local media: newspapers, radio stations, television stations;
  • Produce and distribute a club newsletter at least monthly, oversee editor of club newsletter;
  • Maintain the club webpage, oversee club webmaster;
  • Promote membership drives and other programs (e.g., SpeechCraft)
  • Attend club executive committee meetings;
  • Attend other Toastmasters events;
  • Attend district-sponsored club officer training;
  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting;
  • Prepare successor for office.

At the club meetingEdit

  • Announce upcoming events and programs;
  • Ask for contributions to the newsletter;
  • Greet members and guests.

Resources Edit

  • Have a look at the Marketing link on this site, where you will find at least one sample press release.
  • Also download File:100prideas.pdf—it's only 138Kbytes, but Gary Sanders (District 71 PRO 2005/6) has done an amazing job of it. If you print it out, it will fold into an A5 booklet.
  • Find local radio stations at Radio Locator.
  • Use NewsDirectory to locate major and some local papers in your area.
  • Locate Public Access Television Stations through Global Village CAT listings.

Ideas to Help Promote Your Club Edit

  • Promote your club in local newspaper "What's On" columns
  • Publish press releases to your local news papers—tell them about an important upcoming meeting, contests and their results, member achievements and any special events you are holding.
  • Arrange for some of your members to be guests on local radio or public access TV shows. Don't forget to record the event for the other members to see and evaluate.
  • Make sure your club webpage is coming up in major search engines.
  • Consider using the Toastmasters International PR materials—including a publicity DVD from The Toastmasters' Shop. You can send them to media outlets along with followup contact details.

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