The third-ranking club officer, the Vice President Membership (VPM) functions to make our club guests into club members, and to retain club members. From welcoming members to creating guest packets, this club office is key to keeping membership numbers up.


Outside of the club meeting -Edit

  • Conduct ongoing membership-building programs and efforts.
  • Promote the membership goal of one new member per month and, if the club has fewer than 20 members achieving 20 members by year end or sooner.
  • Promote club and Toastmasters International membership-building programs and conduct a minimum of two formal club membership programs annually;
  • Creating guest and new member packets;
  • Following up with guests to encourage them to join and invite them to future meetings;
  • Follow-up on and keep track of guests, new members joining, and members not attending meetings;
    • Send follow-up note to guests;
    • Explain the educational program to all prospective members, get their commitment to join and collect membership applications. Bring the applications to the club for voting and, if the members are accepted, collect dues and fees and give them to the treasurer with the applications;
  • Attend club executive committee meetings;
  • Attend and vote at area council meetings;
  • Attend district sponsored club officer training;
  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend club meeting;
  • Prepare successor for office.

At a club meetingEdit

  • Welcoming each guest to the meeting and have each complete a guest card (or sign the guest register);
  • Report on current membership, promote membership campaigns and welcome new members;
  • Work with the President and Vice President Education to ensure each new member is formally inducted at the first meeting after being voted in by the club;
  • Help guests wishing to join to complete the Application for Membership form;
  • Regularly speak with fellow members to determine if their needs are being met.


Tips for the preparation of a guest packEdit

  • A letter of welcome from the President or VPM
  • Information about the club, TM International and the District
  • Protocol at the meeting (see Etiquette of a Meeting)
  • Information about the Communication and Leadership tracks and benefits to be gained
  • A Toastmaster magazine
  • Costs involved in belonging to Toastmasters International
  • A Club Bulletin
  • The structure of Toastmasters International
  • The names, positions and contact details of the Executive Committee
  • A Visitor's Information form to complete, asking for basic information about them—use this when you introduce them.

[Contributed by Sue Munro DTM]

Tips for retaining membersEdit

See Retaining Members

Toastmaster International Membership Contests Edit

  • Toastmasters International publication A Simple Membership Contest (item 1621), available in PDF format at no charge.
  • Smedley Award
  • Talk Up Toastmasters
  • Beat The Clock
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