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The Duties of the Vice President Education[]

The main duty of the VPE is to educate, encourage and retain club members. Others say that VPE is the ultimate club mentor as well as the second highest officer on the executive board. Not only does the VPE have to promote the Toastmasters International Education Program (both communication and leadership), but the VPE must also do a large chunk of meeting organization. Toastmasters International describes the role...

  • “The office of Vice President Education is a critical office in a Toastmasters club. The Toastmasters educational program is the heart of our organisation and it’s through the work of the Vice President Education that the mission of the club is accomplished. As Vice President Education, you are responsible for providing and maintaining the positive environment and the programs through which members can develop their communication skills. With learning opportunities, dynamic meeting programs, and a friendly atmosphere, your club will have satisfied members and continue to grow. Your efforts also help the club become a Distinguished Club, which should be an annual goal.” [“When You Are the Vice President Education”, Toastmasters International]

Some of the specific duties of the VPE are:

  • creating the meeting schedule for speakers, evaluators and other roles
  • encourage members to work on advanced manuals and projects
  • running a mentor program: assign and supervise
  • setting goals with members
  • conducting training for membership
  • act as right hand to club president when setting up and implimenting a club success plan
  • keep track of the club's Distinguished Club Program status
  • sign off on members award applications and speeches

Club Meeting Director[]

  • Develop Programs for meetings
    • Assign roles
    • Prepare Agendas
      • Set 3 weeks in advance, Confirm 5 days in advance
    • Make Interesting Agendas -- for a sample, click Ideal_program
    • Have Reserve Speakers, or a Stand-by Educational Speech
    • Hold special events – a BBQ meeting, a Demonstration meeting, a Speakers Night, a People’s Podium in a Park, a Dinner meeting, a 500th meeting Gala!
    • And… make all speeches Manual speeches!
    • Maintain a Guide for Meeting Activities – for Members & Guests

Training Manager[]

  • Understand Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Tracks
    • Monitor progress
    • Endorse Manuals
    • Recognise milestone completion (CC, ACs, CLs, ALs, DTMs, 1/2 CCs, 1/2 CLs)
    • Promote participation
    • Work with Advanced members to achieve Leadership goals.
  • Generally CCs, ACBs, ACSs etc. can be obtained in 1 year. Members should review where they are each year, and set such goals. Capture member goals in a member survey.
  • Advocate participation in Development activities
  • And also Area-, Division- or District-run Training opportunities
    • Running Contests
    • Contest Judging
    • Programming Workshops
    • Suggested periodic programmes
      • Moments of Truth within the 1st 3 momths of the year (suggestion)
      • Run Educationals from Successful Club Series, Success/Leadership, and Success/Communication Series each month.

Mentoring Champion[]

  • Oversee Mentoring program if in operation.
  • Assign a mentor - at Induction - who helps member through first few speech assignments (and Leadership manual tasks).
  • Ensure objectives of the Mentoring program are achieved
  • Run an educational session on how your club implements Mentoring.

Speech Contest Co-ordinator[]

  • Enlist a Contest Committee, and Contest Chair people
  • Attend Contest training, or refer to material available
  • Make sure the incoming VPE is well-equipped to Co-ordinate future contests
    • Pass on Contest Materials (and don't forget any special Club Trophies ready for the next contest!)

Achievement Publicist[]

  • Educational Achievements in Club Newsletter
  • Inform Area/Division/District as appropriate
  • Hold Recognition Ceremonies

Executive Member[]

  • Key member of Club Executive and “Area Leadership Team”
  • Preside when President is absent
  • Track and Drive progress towards Educational Goals of the Club and Members.
  • Support liaison between Club, Area, Division, District
  • Participate and Vote in Area, Division, District and International matters
  • Help identify potential future Executive members…
    • Including the next VPE! (and employ them as an assistant during your term of office!).



Suggestion: Print this Wiki entry as a guide/handout for Club Officer Training.

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