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Smile High Toastmasters Communication & Leadership SeminarEdit

Communication & Leadership Seminar is a program designed to help you develop public speaking skills. You will learn these skills during seven (week one is the introduction and orientation for the seminar), 1 1/2 hour meetings (the number and length of meetings will be announced by the program coordinator). During each meeting you will learn and practice speaking and evaluation skills, and you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers. Cost is $25.00

You will learn and practice in a friendly, non-threatening environment, not in a classroom. There are no instructors or professors, and you won't be "graded" on your work and progress. You will be learning these speaking skills with other people who are there for the same reason you are. You will be guided in your learning by people just like you, who once feared public speaking and have successfully developed their public speaking skills. Together you will help one another grow and develop as speakers. And, best of all, you will have fun as you learn.

Keep in mind that your progress in the program depends on the effort you put into it. If you prepare for each meeting and participate actively, you will enjoy improved speaking skills and increased self-confidence that will benefit you in all areas of your life.

The Communication & Leadership Seminar is presented every year, please contact us for more information.Edit

Each night of the Communication & Leadership Seminar starts promptly at 6:30pm and finishes at 8:00pm.

A typical night on the course will have at least one educational presentation, immediately followed by a demonstration speech on the same project as the presentation. These are performed by Toastmasters from our club, and sometimes visiting Toastmasters from other clubs. There will be practice in impromptu speaking, a session known as Table Topics, involving both Toastmasters and seminar participants. Somebody will be appointed to come to each meeting equipped with enough questions to give everyone in the room an opportunity to have a turn. The seminar participants will give a speech each night (except the first night). Other activities for the participants include introducing a speaker to an audience, and later in the course, evaluating fellow seminar participants speeches.

The Table Topics session is not a test on general knowledge, it is simply a session where everyone can practice answering a question without notice, and speak on the subject for 60 seconds. This session is always a lot of fun.

Just about everything we do during the night is evaluated. The evaluations are friendly and helpful, giving praise for things done well and suggestions for improvement. Evaluations are not critical in any way, they are done in such a way that leaves the recipient feeling good about the him/herself, and looking forward to having another crack at it during the next session. The evaluations play a very important part in the success of each Communication & Leadership Seminar, and in fact, Toastmasters meetings.

The Communication & Leadership Seminar Manual contains 6 speaking projects, and except for the time requirements, are much the same as the first 6 speaking projects in the Toastmasters Communication & Leadership manual. You will receive the C&L manual if you join the Club following your seminar Graduation. These projects cover the basic fundamentals of public speaking, and quickly convert participants from being hopelessly nervous, into someone who can speak to an audience with confidence. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you join Smile High Toastmasters Club, following graduation of the Communication & Leadership Seminar. By doing this, your communication skills and self-confidence will continue to improve to levels that you never thought possible.

For information and to register contact: Ame Callahan, vice president of education; or Tim Brown, sergeant at arms, We meet weekly on Tuesdays 6:30—8:00 pm at: Aztlan Masonic Lodge, third floor, 1028 Willow Creek Road Prescott Arizona 86301 [1][2][3]

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