This is Ian Murray's User page at the Toastmasters Wikia. I am currently serving as an Area Governor in District 73. I am presently taking up responsibilities as District 73's webmaster.

I found the Toastmasters Wikia (or Wikicity as it used to be known) in my travels exploring Toastmasters information around the world. I had already built (er, enhanced, based on the freetoast template) the club website at (a club based in Melbourne, Australia), and was hitting the perennial struggle of tracking and making accessible all the links that were valuable. So I started the FindIt! concept on the Toastmasters Wikia. Lets see how it goes. Many ways to skin a cat, but this holds a lot of potential.

  • Globally accessible content
  • "Open" interface to access (not hidden in some php db or something)
  • Searchable (with Wikisearch one day no doubt)
  • Linkable (from elsewhere in Wikia, and the net)
  • Expandable - by a whole lot more people than me.

I've become very interested in how Toastmasters can (and needs to) develop the body of knowledge that Toastmasters holds as an entity, to continue to develop to meet the increasing needs of its membership.

Some of the forums at were an experiment with the identity of the Virtual Guest to a Toastmasters Club. What was interesting is that I believe the website led a lot of members to physically visit our club... but very few actually leave a positive(i.e. non-spam) "tag" (to use a reference from graffiti sub-culture) on the web site.

An interesting dissertation on the phenomenon of Wikis is at . Raises some interesting thoughts on the patterns of behaviour in communities (both online and not).

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