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*[ U-CAN-SPEAK Toastmasters Christchurch (official website)]
*[ U-CAN-SPEAK Toastmasters Christchurch (official website)]
*[ U-CAN-SPEAK Facebook page]
*[ U-CAN-SPEAK Facebook page]

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U-CAN-SPEAK is the Toastmasters club based at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is well-known for its innovative meetings, its unique educational opportunities and its friendly, supportive atmosphere. Membership is very diverse, as the club has members from all over the world, of all genders, experienced and new, native and non-native speakers, students, staff and members from the wider community.

Members practice presentations for university classes or conferences, oral examinations, job interviews and many more challenges in real life. The meeting facilities offer state-of-the-art presentation technologies, including data projectors and speakers, whiteboards, a document camera, a PC and adapters for laptop computers.


U-CAN-SPEAK chartered in June 1995 under the original name University of Canterbury Toastmasters. In recent years, the club has enjoyed an increasing inflow of new members. It is nowadays respected as one of New Zealand's leading clubs: U-CAN-SPEAK Toastmasters have reliably achieved the highest possible recognition President's Distinguished Club in past years and members are frequently represented in Division and District speech competitions.

Club AlignmentEdit

The U-CAN-SPEAK Club belongs to

  • Region 12 (Australasia)
  • District 72 (New Zealand)
  • Division E (Upper half of the South Island)
  • Area E5 (Parts of Christchurch)
  • Club 5859 (U-CAN-SPEAK Club)


The U-CAN-SPEAK Toastmasters club meets every week on Monday evenings in Room 445 Jack Erskine Building, which is part of the UC campus in Ilam, Christchurch. Toastmasters meetings begin at 7pm and are normally concluded by 8:30pm.


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