The treasurer is the sixth-ranking club officer.


Outside of the club meetingEdit

  • Prepare a budget to be approved by the executive committee and membership within one month of taking once;
  • Provide the bank with a new signature card by Sept 1 / March 1;
  • Prepare and send dues statements by August 15/ February 15;
  • Collect and pay dues renewals to World Headquarters online by October 1 and April 1, and work with the vice president membership to contact members who have not paid dues;
  • Submit new member applications and dues to World Headquarters within 48 hours after receipt or add new members online;
  • Pay bills as due;
  • Keep records of all financial transactions;
  • Present verbal and written financial reports quarterly (October 15, January 15, April 15, and July 15);
  • Submit club accounts for audit;
  • Attend club executive committee meetings;
  • Attend district-sponsored club officer training;
  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend meeting;
  • Prepare successor for office.

At the club meetingEdit

  • Receive completed new member applications and dues;
  • Announce when dues are due and explain dues structure;
  • Greet members and guests.

What to spend the club's money on Edit

Usually you ask for votes on what to spend the money on. We're running a Speechcraft at the moment. We'll probably spend the money on a domain name for the club and a couple of years’ hosting.

  • You're not allowed to subsidise the TM International fees for your members
  • You ARE allowed to subsidise the venue costs (if your venue charges)
  • You are NOT allowed to give the cash to anybody on the committee—or in the club, no matter what services were rendered
  • You are only allowed to spend the money on "Educational" materials.

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