The Toastmaster acts as the host of the meeting by planning the meeting ahead of time and then introducing other members during the meeting itself.

Before the meetingEdit

Get the schedule for the meeting from the Vice President of Education. Email the schedule out to all club members (or call members who do not have email). Confirm with each speaker that he or she is ready to speak and obtain his or her speech title, manual and project number, objective, length of speech, and information for their introduction. Prepare an introduction for each speaker (see the back of the Competent Communicator manual for suggestions on how to do this), and print out agendas for the meeting.

During the meetingEdit

Arrive early. Place agendas around the room and ask the speakers if they have any last minute changes. Sit near the front of the room in order to have easy access to the podium because you will be hopping up and down a lot.

Welcome everyone to the meeting and ask guests to introduce themselves. Then go over the agenda and get volunteers to fill any roles that are empty. Ask for the Invocation, Joke, and Word of the Day if those roles are filled.

When it is time for the speeches, introduce the speaker's evaluator to give the objectives of the speech and then introduce the speaker. Be sure to shake each speaker's hand after you introduce him or her because this signifies your passing control of the meeting over to that person. Then be sure to shake his or her hand again when you return to the podium after the speech to take back control of the meeting. Also, lead the applause when introducing someone or thanking him or her for speaking to show your appreciation and to be an example for other club members. When it is time for Table Topics, introduce the Topicsmaster. When it is time for evaluations, introduce the General Evaluator, and then he or she will introduce the other members of the evaluation team. If the General Evaluator does not call for reports from the Timer, Ah Counter, and Grammarian, as well as request that votes be cast for best Speaker, best Table Topics Speaker, and best Evaluator, then you should do it.

At the end of the meeting, ask for comments from guests, then present the awards. Pass control of the meeting back to the Club President.


(1) Your club may follow a slightly different format than that above, which is fine. In that case, just follow the regular meeting format for your club. Much of the above should still be relevant, it will just be done in a different order.

(2) More details on being the Toastmaster of a meeting are given in the back of the Competent Communicator manual in the section "About Your Club."

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