A module in the Success/Communication Program of the Toastmasters Educational Program, dealing with evaluation skills.

To many people, evaluations are the most important aspect of the Toastmaster’s program. No matter what your vocation, the ability to effectively evaluate any situation or condition is a necessity. This program will teach you the finer points of offering constructive criticism.

Time: 2½–3 hours
  • Identifying reasons why people need to become more effective speakers
  • Recognizing the factors that contribute to the club’s evaluation climate
  • Determining overall evaluation strengths and weaknesses
  • Building self-esteem through evaluation
  • Practicing evaluation skills

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Effective_Evaluation
  • The Art of Effective Evaluation (Catalog No. 251, $48.00)
    • Coordinator's Guide (Item 251A, $9.00)—Guide used by the coordinator of The Art of Effective Evaluation program.
    • Expanding Your Horizons (Item 211, PDF, $0.00)–Brochure
    • Order Form (Item 1205A, PDF, $0.00)
    • Coordinator's Certificate (Item 260, $0.60)—Certificate to be presented to the coordinator for any of the the Success/Communication and Success/Leadership programs.
    • CD with PowerPoint Presentation (Item 251CD, $10.00)—PowerPoint presentation used in The Art of Effective Evaluation program.
    • Set of 20 Club Climate Questionnaires (Item 251C, 1 pp, pad of 20: $1.50)—Questionnaires to help identify a club’s evaluation strengths and weaknesses.
    • 2 Sets of 30 Individual Speech Evaluation Form (Item 251D, pad of 30: $1.50)—Speech evaluation forms used in The Art of Effective Evaluation program.
    • 20 Participant's Certificates (Item 261, $0.60)—Certificate for presentation to participants in the Success/Communication and Success/Leadership programs
    • 20 Participant's Notebooks (Item 251B, $2.50)—Notebook used by the participants of The Art of Effective Evaluation program.

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