Club Charter #XXXX, Area X-1. District XX

Introducing Corporate Club Name

The Corporate Club has been serving Toastmaster members at Xcompany.nameXX in XcityX, XstateX since month/day/year when chartered (Club #xxxx) by Toastmasters International. Membership is restricted to employees of ___________.

Meeting Location, Meeting Day & Time

  • Meeting Location:
  • Meeting Day(s) & Time:

Contact Information

  • President:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
  • VP Public Relations:
    • Phone:
    • Email:

Guests and Visitors

Employees of _____________ are welcomed and are invited to attend any Club meeting. Please drop in shortly before the meeting starts.

Non-employees or visitors from other Toastmaster Clubs are asked to contact the Club at least a day in advance, to allow us to notify building security and arrange for an employee member escort.

Club News and Club-sponsored Events

Club Honors

2005-2006 Distinguished Club

Individual Member Honors

  • Communication Awards and Recognitions
    • John Q Toaster, CC (Sept 9, 2006)
    • Susan T Speaker, ACB (Nov 19, 2006)
  • Leadership Awards and Recognitions ===
    • John Doe. CL (Oct 1, 2006)
    • Pamela C. Presents, DTM (July 1, 2006)
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