Here are some guidelines for the entire conference planning team:

  • The Customer is always right

A District may have about 2,000 customers and you cannot possible solicit input from all of them on everything. Therefore, look to the senior District team as the elected representatives of your customers. In fact, regard them as our customer. Propose what you believe to be best for the 2,000 members and then yield to the judgment of the senior officers.

  • Produce completed staff work

Take responsibility for the planning of the event using all information provided by the senior District team. Where information is unavailable or incomplete, seek guidance. Meanwhile, proceed by making assumptions that you believe are reasonable. Let the senior team know what assumptions you are making.

  • Communicate

Everyone involved in planning the conference has to know about everything that affects them. Communicate formally through a website and e-mails. Encourage everyone on the team to communicate informally with whomever they need to.

  • Murphy was right

Be prepared for anything that can go wrong. Brainstorm risks associated with every aspect of the event and brainstorm ways of preventing and/or dealing with them.

  • Change is inevitable

Meet as often as necessary to track your progress, deal with problems, and respond to changes

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