Meeting times / venue Edit

The TASC Toastmasters meet every Wed from 11:30 - 12:30 at the Independence Center, 15036 Conference Center Circle, Chantilly VA (Zip Code)

What to expectEdit

Expect to be welcomed with open arms. The meeting is divided into three parts: (1) prepared speeches, (2) impromptu speeches, and (3) speech evaluation.

Contact detailsEdit

For more information, contact Wendy Daunheimer at (703) 653-5745 Learn more about Toastmasters. Visit the Main Page of the wikicity or

Current Long-Term ScheduleEdit

The current long-term schedule is at the following link: TASC Toastmasters Long-Term Schedule


The membership fee for the TASC Toastmasters is $39.00 every six months. $27.00 goes to the Toastmasters International organization to continually improve the Toastmasters Program. The remaining $12.00 stays with the TASC Toastmasters Club to improve ourselves on the local level.

Meeting dates for the rest of the Toastmasters Year Edit

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