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Statement Makers Club #769, Area 74, Division G, District 39.

Welcome to Statement Makers!Edit

Statement Makers was founded in 2001, and just recently celebrated a 10th anniversary.

Statement Makers is a dynamic, business-oriented club, and has been a vital club within District 39 since its founding.

Who is eligible for membership?

Statement Makers is an open club ready to welcome any and all! Guests are welcome to visit our club meetings as many times as they like.

When and how often are the meetings held? Statement Makers meets every Wednesday between Noon & 1 PM.

(No meetings are held the Wednesdays before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day)

Where are the meetings? Edit

Meetings are held in the Amdocs Bldg at 1104 Investment Blvd El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Click here for directions!

How do I join?Edit

To join Statement Makers Toastmasters Club, simply request a Membership Application from the VP Membership.

You can email the VP Membership for more information at:

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