The cover letter for the Speech Contestants Packet. The notice gives the Speech Contest participant important information about the upcoming speech contest and requests certain information.

Sample LetterEdit

Ms Jane Roe
Dear Ms Roe
(If applicable) Please accept our congratulations on placing first in your club (area, division, district) speech contest. This letter will give you the information you need in order to participate in the contest you will be competing in.
The contest will be held at
Date, Time
with the contest beginning after the banquet (if applicable).
A briefing with the Contest Chair, name, precedes the contest itself; it will be held at
Date, Time
This briefing, among other things, determines the order of participation for the contestants.
Please look at the enclosed Speech Contest Rules (Item 1171); these rules govern the contest.
Please note that, after the contestants give their speeches, the Toastmaster will briefly interview each of you, to help the audience get better acquainted with you.
Please fill out and return the following forms
1. Biographical Data Sheet (Item 1189)
2. Speaker's Certification Of Eligibility And Originality (Item 1183)
3. Previous Speech Outline (Item 1185) only app
It is important in our preparations that you send me the above requested information by date.
If any questions arise, please contact me!
Contest Chair
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