Sister Clubs already going Edit

  • 4th Dimension Toasmasters #3008-74
  • North Atlantic Toastmasters Club #6983

I suppose we'd better think of a name for our collaboration.

We'd like to make a connection, too! Edit

  • Our club name is Taverners and we are interested in forging a relationship with another club of the same name. Any takers? Contact Alan Campbell at
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Would you like to build a Sister Clubs relationship with another Toastmasters club? Click on the link! The North Atlantic Toastmasters Club #6983 is making connections North Atlantic Toastmasters is in Malta, New York, USA, which is upstate about 250 miles from New York City.

We chartered in 1992, and are currently at 20 members. We are members of Division F, Area 4 and are in District 53 which is the states of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and eastern New York State.

I (Val Albert DTM) am the contact person for our Club, which is a Corporate Club sponsored by State Farm Insurance, and would like to develop a 'Sister Clubs' relationship between my Club and others from around the world. I believe that this is one way to bridge the gap and create a truly global communication in our Organization.

Sister Clubs will build long distance relationships of sharing new ideas, and cultivating relationships that help us all to succeed.

Contact: Val Albert, DTM, North Atlantic Club 6983, Malta, New York, USA. My website is: and my email is: and/or Connect Toastmasters worldwide, sharing information and ideas through Sister Club relationships. --Erichv 19:18, 25 Sep 2005 (UTC)

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