The sergeant at arms is the seventh-ranking club officer.

Standards outside of the club meeting are to:

  • Schedule meeting location;
  • maintain club equipment in working order and check after every meeting to ensure adequate supplies are available;
  • attend club executive committee meetings;
  • attend district-sponsored club officer training;
  • arrange for a replacement and for assistance if necessary;
  • prepare successor for office.

Standards at a club meeting are to:

  • Arrange the room at least 10 minutes before the meeting begins;
  • make sure the lectern is in place, the banner displayed, evaluation forms and ballots distributed, awards, supply catalog, progress chart and educational material displayed, place cards arranged and name badges available;
  • greet members and guests and arrange for guests to sit with members;
  • greet the area governor and other visiting officers and escort them to the club president;
  • arrange for food service at meal meetings;
  • ensure the meeting starts on time;
  • collect ballots and tally votes for awards.


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