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Meeting times / venue Edit

We usually meet on the First Thursday of every month (and the fifth Thursday if there is one) from 7pm to about 9:30pm at Go' spresso Conference Venue 174 Western Service Road, Woodmead . However, double check the list below as the date may change depending upon holidays and we occasionally use a different venue.

Contact detailsEdit

For more information, contact Tessa Biagio on 082 7962 909 or e-mail at

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Meeting dates for the rest of the Toastmasters Year Edit

17 November 2011 - Lifeboat Debate

01 December 2011 - Festive Season Meeting.
January 2011 -&nbsp
02 February 2012 - Regular Meeting&nbsp
01 March 2012 - Regular Meeting

22 March 2012 - Regular Meeting

05 April 2012 - Regular Meeting

03 May 2012 - Regular Meeting

24 May 2012 - Election of club officers for New Toastmaster's year.

07 June 2012 - Regular Meeting
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