A Key Indicator of Club HealthEdit

With any group, membership retention is a key indicator of its health - and its worth tracking to see what is working best to retain your members. Here are some tips that can help Toastmasters clubs retain their membership base. (Apologies for any duplication)

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So... Some tips!Edit

1. Call When Absent
2. Put The Member On The Agenda
3. Recognize Each Member
4. Reward Achievements
5. Fun Meetings
6. Theme Meetings
7. Find Out The Individual Needs Of The Members
8. Attend Officer Training
9. Have Educational Sessions
10. Have A Strong Mentoring Program
11. Have Guest Speakers
12. Have Interclub Meetings
13. Have Social Activities
14. Keep It Fun
15. Have Lively Meetings
16. Allow Time For Everyone To Participate
17. Assign Rolls In Advance
18. Toastmaster Calls And Reminds All Participants
19. Have A Mix Of Speeches
20. Maintain Regular E-Mail Or Phone Contact
21. Follow The Agenda
22. Share The Load
23. Annual Member Interest Survey
24. Focus On Supportive Evaluations And Positive
25. Promote The Awards Program
26. Ensure That All Members Are Active To Their Level
Of Comfort
27. Get Them Involved
28. Praise Them
29. Variety In Meeting Format
30. Individual Name Tags Or Place Cards
31. Executives Speak To Members Personally
32. Recognize Progress
33. Make Friendships
34. Senior Members Set Good Example
35. Present Toastmaster Pin When The Icebreaker Is
36. Over The Hump Ceremony When The Sixth Speech Is
37. Induction Ceremony – Include Sponsor
38. Be More Open To New Ideas
39. Comfortable Meetings
40. Listen
41. Use Each Members Specific Skills
42. Be Warm And Smile A Lot
43. Get To Know Each Member Individually
44. Use Guilt – “Don’t Quit Or We Will Die!”
45. Learn To Laugh
46. Social Yet Learning Atmosphere
47. Executives Delegate To Members
48. Ave Well-Organized Meetings
49. Show That You Care
50. Give The Members Responsibility
51. Don’t Pressure New Members
52. Always Manual Speeches
53. Change Of Pace In The Meetings
54. Continuity
55. Re-Invite Inactive Members
56. Make Them Feel Important
57. Get Them Working On A Goal
58. Use Them As Mentors
59. Talk Up The Benefits Of Toastmasters
60. Be An Audience
61. Treat Others With Dignity And Respect
62. Encourage Growth
63. Have A Mystery Night
64. Non-Threatening Atmosphere
65. Break Up The Routine
66. Encourage Members To Get CTM, ATM, CL, AL,
67. Get Them To Attend A District Conference
68. Use The Successful Club Series
69. Use The Better Speaker Series
70. Use The Moments Of Truth
71. Plan Ahead Four To Six Weeks
72. Have A Backwards Meeting
73. Have A Brainstorming Session If Short A Speaker
74. Positive And Encouraging Environment
75. Annual Award Ceremony Or Recognition Day
76. Send Out Postcards
77. Have An Orientation Meeting
78. Partner-Up Members For Progress
79. Encourage Them To Work On The Leadership Track
80. Ask Their Opinion
81. Have Them Write Down Their Goals
82. Incorporate Activities Outside Of Toastmasters
83. Have Refreshments
84. Car Pools For Older Members
85. Timely Meetings
86. Send Lost Members The Club Newsletter
87. Celebrate Birthdays
88. Recognize Achievement With Trophies And Ribbons
89. Post Toasties – Have Informal Get Together After The
90. Periodically Do Training Speeches To Reinforce
91. Talk About The Next Meeting And Psyche Them Up
92. Occasionally Change The Meeting Time And Place
93. Get Well Cards
94. Telephone Tree – Call Each Member Before Each
95. Do Things As A Team
96. Club Pays Entry Fees And Expenses For Contestants
97. Encourage Members To Enter Contests
98. Elect Strong Officers
99. Have A “Terrific Toastmaster” Plaque
100. Tell Them You Miss Them
101. Design The Meetings That The Members Want
102. Encourage Commitment
103. Solve Conflict Promptly And Fairly
104. Motivate And Teach
105. Thank-You Notes For Special Jobs
106. Awards For Attendance

107. Induct new members formally, and reinforce the rewards of membership and participation

108. Have a documented orientation programme covering 1st 6 months, and execute it.

109. Have visitors and new members involved early. Involve them in committees (e.g. Contests)

110. Hold special "Newcomer" sessions, to build connections across the newer members.

111. Let people know who to talk to, if they are experiencing any difficulties. VPM and VPE are ideal.

112. Vary seating layout at a meeting.

113. Have someone meet and greet every guest and member at every meeting.

114. Expose members to events and information from across Toastmasters World Wide.

115. Use Social Media (e.g. Facebook) to build a group of members so that they can share more openly.

116. Connect with all members by a number of channels. Don't just leave it at formal meetings. Marketing research (source unknown) suggests some effective strategies are Face-to-Face contact, Phone Contact, SMS, Email (in that order!). But remember not to spam your audience!

117. Have a streamlined Membership Renewal process, that reinforces the benefits of membership, and the ease of the transation.

118. Use GRAPE. Growth, Recognition, Achievement, Participation, Enjoyment.

119. Ensure all members participate in retention.

120. Ask absent or departed members why they left.

121. Encourage sharing of life events and successes outside Toastmasters

122. Sincerely recognise each and every member throughout a year.

123. Use Toastmasters and Local awards to reward achievements - including perhaps a "My Choice Award" from the Toastmaster, General Evaluator or better, the President.

124. Display member progress, and the pathway to DTM.


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