Public Relations Officer, PRO, is a district level position that is appointed by the current District Director (DD). This position does give you credit for your Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award.
The details of this position are never the same between districts or terms. The duties of the PRO are determined by the need of the district and the direction of the DD. This is why it is critical that you talk to the DD before the term begins to determine if you share her vision of the district.
There are two sides to this job. First, there is the PR between the district and the world outside of the organization. This can be press releases, for example. Second, there is the communication between the district and the members/clubs. This could be newsletters, for example.


The PRO works under the direction of the District Director. The PRO helps maintain communication between the District and its members and works to increase public awareness of Toastmasters International through the media. The Public Relations Officer prepares a public relations program designed to achieve goals for membership growth, club growth and educational achievements in Clubs and achievement in the Distinguished Club Program. Promotes District Conferences and leadership training opportunities within the District.


There are only two qualifications for this position. First, you must be a Toastmaster in good standing. Second, you must be willing to serve.


  • Gary Sanders, the District PR for District 71 (UK and Ireland) put together 100 PR Ideas. File:100prideas.pdf.
  • Toastmaster International has a PR webpage. It includes a link to 'Let the World Know' a PR handbook
  • Download TMI logos
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