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You are invited to the Toastmasters International District 74 (Southern Africa) Maxicon Conference to be held at Misty Hills Country Hotel, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg.
Thursday 18 May to Sunday 21 May 2006

PlayCon 2006 – Making Public Speaking Fun!

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The Kammacon conference was reported on LIVE from INSIDE the sessions from a laptop and 3G card!

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The programme

Click on Playcon programme for more info on the programme. Here's an overview:

Playcon -- day by day

  • Beer tasting on Thursday 18 May 2006 (Sponsored by Bavaria Breweries)
  • Friday 19 May: Playcon Keynote Speakers
  • Saturday 20 May: Parallel "Playshops" and Discussion groups
  • Saturday is also the finals of THREE public speaking Playcon Contests Who will be the region's best speaker in 2006?

Getting there and staying there

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Playcon all about? Try Playcon FAQ for pricing queries, aims and objectives and other stuff -- or the official site at For more information on the conference, please go to the official site at
For general tips on speaking, including tips on winning competitions, see Speaking
For District 74-specific news, click District 74
Also, explore the categories at the bottom of this, and other pages.

Who's competing

International Contest

Evaluation Contest

Table Topics Contest

Conference programme

Click on each link for more information about that session.

Wish List

What would you like to see at the conference? Please list it here: Wish List

Toastmasters Shop

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Getting there


Electronic networking board

  • Hook up with individuals who are going

Notices -- Lost and found, etc

Useful contact numbers

You can get the phone numbers from the official Playcon site at Here are the mail addresses.

Convenor: Kerryn House

Registrations: Rob Douglas

Marketing: Cindy McAdam

Venue: Lisa Fisher

Attendance: Beauty Zondi

Cheron Keller

Conference Organisational team resources

Marketing Team

The aim is to have 500 people at the conference. We want:

  • Number (500 attendees)
  • Scope (Diversity -- age, disability, race, country, TM/non-TM, Gender)
  • Interaction

  • A Presentation you can use if you are an Area Governor, VPPRs, VPM etc

How to use this site

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Then you come along, looking for table topics ideas. You find my idea. So you add one of your own.

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