Club #6613 - District 53
Making Effective Communications a Reality since September 10, 1990

We Meet: Every Wednesday,
From 11:45 to 12:50

Meeting Location: City-View Room, Floor 5
Address: One State Street Hartford, Connecticut USA

One State Street is a 24-story, 500,000-square-foot office tower located on the west bank of the Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut.

About Toastmasters Edit

The Toastmasters program is for everyone 18 years of age or older. Our members are from a variety of occupations and backgrounds. They include doctors, auto mechanics, executives, teachers, homemakers, artists, college students, supervisors, attorneys, engineers and sales persons. Because you work closely with people whose daily lives are different from your own, you become aware of the community in which you live, and you are exposed to different ideas and opinions.

As our guest you are under no obligation to speak. As a guest you get to see how our club functions and how the program works. You will find a friendly group of people who will welcome you and explain all that is happening.
If after your visit, you still don 't think Toastmasters is your cup of tea, we'll still be happy you dropped by.

How to Join Edit

Joining the One State Street Toastmasters Club is easy. You don't need a personal invitation to join. We offer 3 ways for you to contact us at our club.
For more information, visit our BECOMING A MEMBER or


For the New Member

  • One time, New Member Fee
  • $20 (Covers costs of New Member Kit, Basic C&L Manual, and processing.)


  • $27 for International dues and
  • $6 local club dues.*

For the Dual, Transfer, or Reinstated member

  • $27 for International dues and
  • $6 local club dues.*

Semi-Annual Renewing Member Dues

  • $27 for International dues and
  • $6 local club dues.

Payable on or before October 1st and April 1st.

Dues may be reduced according to month joined. (Effective Monthly Dues is $4.50 for International and $1 for the local club or $5.50)

Useful Links Edit

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