The Mentee Assignment Notice (1163B) encourages the new mentee, by way of receiving maximum benefit from their mentor, to:

  • Be eager to learn, to be willing to take on new challenges;
  • Be receptive to feedback, to view it as an opportunity to improve;
  • Be open to new ideas, to see things from other perspectives;
  • Be loyal, able to keep confidences;
  • Be grateful, receptive to the benefits of the mentoring process.

Here are some tips for the mentee.

  • The protégé's success belongs to the protégé's herself. The mentor may get a mention, but should not be considered the author of the mentee's accomplishment.
  • The protégé should take an active role in the protégé-mentor relationship. The protégé sets the goals; the protegé sets the pace; the protegé asks for the encouragement.
  • Of course, the protegé may not like her assigned mentor. Only re-assign a mentor after the protegé has worked with the assigned mentor.
  • Encourage the protégé to use the mentor relationship. This needs to be demonstrated: when I was president, I would often mention that I had spoken to my mentor and discussed something with him. I hoped that this gave the other members the political will to make themselves vulnerable and appoint themselves mentors.

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