Measurement is key to management. What you measure is what you get. So it's key to measure the right things. Sometimes we get unintended consequences to our measurements. For instance, if you try to measure productivity by how long people spend at work, you will get unproductive people spending a long time at work.

Here are some measurements that we will be using as we ramp up for growth.

  • The DCP programme (duh). It's not perfect, it's a blunt instrument, but it has its uses.
  • Number of clubs under charter strength

Key metric for health of clubs

  • Number of clubs under 15 members

Key metric for health of clubs

  • Members by Club who leave before C&L 6
  • Members by Club who leave before C&L 3

These are key metrics to find out if there is a "PTM" - or "Poisonous Toastmaster" at the club. These members often have the best intentions, but chase new members away.

  • Membership growth
  • Membership loss

Do you have any other metrics that might help? We need between 5 and 8 -- no more -- to run our district effectively. Click "edit" or simply mail me at

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