Many clubs find challenges in adopting the new Competent Leader manual in their clubs. Here are some (and you can add more) ways clubs have embraced and promoted the manual.

Driving Adoption Edit

  • Introduce the "Success Shuffle"
    • Add to your Agenda, an item for everyone to pass their Leadership manual one, or two, or three seats to the left. Speaking members ensure their evaluator gets the Communication manual. Could be fun, if you do it right...
  • Display the manual during club meetings
    • Is it on show? Are all your executive familiar with it? Do you show people how it works?
  • Ensure all Executive members are familiar with it
    • Can all the Executive "talk up" the manual, and answer questions when asked?
  • Present formal evaluations of some Competent Leader manual tasks
    • They can be presented just as a Competent Communicator evaluation can!
  • Provide verbal evaluations of Competent Leader manual tasks after the meeting
    • Followup outside the meeting can illustrate how pervasive leadership skills should be
  • Do Mentors provide coaching on Competent Leader content?
    • Mentors need to help new members - and advanced members - progress in Leadership skills too!
  • Display the Competent Leader Progress Wall Chart at your club meetings
    • Does progress through Competent Leader activities get the same visibility as Competent Communicator progress?
  • Add the Competent Leader skills to your sales kit for new members
    • The skills of Leadership are just as valuable to prospects as the Communication Skills that may have first challenged them.
  • Mentors can assess Competent Leader manual activities
    • Much more consistent way to manage evaluations than handing manuals in a flurry at the start of a meeting.

Add more ideas [here], so that others can also adopt the manual.

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