Speechcraft is an abbreviated C&L programme that is run in-house at companies. The company pays the club.

Selling the Speechcraft Edit

Setting it up Edit

  • Get the manuals from Toastmasters International. One per person and AT LEAST two extra (somebody ALWAYS loses theirs).
  • Set up a Yahoo! Groups address for YOUR CLUB. Your CLUB is running the speechcraft, not just the co-ordinators. Get into the habit of communicating with the club via the group. That way, you can sign up the speechcrafters to your club's Yahoo! Group and everybody benefits.
  • We implemented a mentors system among the speechcraft delegates. I'll keep you posted on how that went. (We're only in week one)
  • Set up a week-by-week schedule. Commit resources to that. In other words, you'll need timekeepers, toastmasters and table topics masters for every session. It's not a one-person job
  • Make sure you've got more Toastmasters there than you need. Because it's unpaid, people tend to put paying work first -- especially if they're self-employed. They WILL leave you in the lurch at the last minute. Plan for that!

What to watch for Edit

  • Get part-payment up-front. Here in South Africa we've had deals go bad where the club isn't paid.
  • Don't make the mistake we made: we set up a yahoo group for the CLIENT. That means we have to set up a separate group for every Speechcraft we run. Silly waste of time. Set up a Yahoo group for the CLUB not the Speechcraft client.
  • Facilitators are NOT ALLOWED TO BE PAID AT ALL
  • Speechcraft costs money to run. I'm going to be out of pocket by around R1000 ($150) before the Speechcraft even begins. Have a club Speechcraft float.

Resources Edit

  • Frances Boshoff (the LG-ET of District 74 Southern Africa 2005) has written an excellent manual that can be used in conjunction with the Speechcraft manual. It's in Word format. I'm awaiting her permission before I post it to this WikiCity. (I'm Erich Viedge,
  • 4th Dimension Toastmasters (3008-74) is running a Speechcraft in August 2005. I will try to update this section of the site as we go with our proposal, pricing etc.
  • Speechcraft manuals and facilitator guides are available from the Toastmasters web site.