A Toastmasters Contest in which competitors are judged in the role of Evaluator. Contestants compete in club contests, then winners go on to the Area, Division, and District contests.

In the contestEdit

A speech is given by a “Test Speaker” or “Presenter”, and contestants give a verbal evaluation, just as if they were fulfilling the meeting role of Evaluator. Each contestant gives her evaluation without being able to hear any of the other contestants, has a limited time to prepare her evaluation, and must give her evaluation without the use of notes.


A contest does require a particular focus, if you are going to get all the support from the judges. While there are no rules that will ensure success, consider these ideas:

  • Keep it simple (not too many points for the Presenter to take on board)
  • Minimise the use of notes
  • Adhere strictly to the Commend-Recommend-Commend sequence. Keep your evaluation easy to follow.
  • Make sure you review the Judging Criteria—it will help you know what the judges are looking for.
  • Make sure your Summary does not introduce new content.
  • Practice. Take every opportunity to evaluate speakers whom you do not know. Evaluate even when you are not the designated evaluator. Evaluate even when you are not at a Toastmasters meeting.
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