A role in the Toastmasters organization above the club level that serves to nurture Toastmaster clubs, organize speech competitions, conventions, etc.


Toastmaster clubs are collected into Areas, each containing all of the clubs in a particular geographic area; Areas are organized into Divisions; Divisions into Districts, and Districts into Regions.

An Area is administered by an Area Governor, a Division by a Division Governor, and a District by a District Governor. The District also has a Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Public Relations Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.

District Office and the Educational ProgramEdit

Serving a complete term as a District Officer (District Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Public Relations Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, Division Governor, or Area Governor) qualifies a Toastmaster for progress in the Leadership Track of the Toastmasters Educational Program. A complete term is defined as having served at least from September 1 through June 30. Those assuming office after September 1 do not qualify as having served a full term.

Contest non-competingEdit

A District Officer is barred from contesting in any of the club and inter-club level contests during their active term. This is done to prevent a conflict of interest.

Quoted from the Speech Contets Rulebook:

The following are ineligible to compete in this contest:
incumbent international officers and directors; region advisors or region advisor applicants;
district officers (governor, any lieutenant governor, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer, division governor, or area governor)
whose terms expire June 30; international officer and director candidates; immediate past district governors; district officers or announced candidates for the term beginning the upcoming July 1; presenters of educational sessions at the area, division, and/or district event at which the contest will be held; presenters of educational sessions at the International Convention. An individual is not permitted to be a judge at
any level for a contest in which they are still competing.


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