District 7 Toastmasters serves 170+ Toastmaster Clubs and 2500 members in most of Oregon, parts of SW Washington, and Northern California USA.

In Oregon, District 7 includes all counties except Baker, Grant, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Willowa.

In Washington, District 7 includes Klickitat County west of the Klickitat River, including the towns of Appleton, Bingen, BZ Corner, Gilmer, Glenwood, Husum, Trout Lake, White Salmon and Wihkiacus; and the counties of Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania and Wahkiakum.

In Northern California, District 7 includes the counties of Del Norte and Modoc.

The 2010-2011 (current) District STAFF are: Cathey Armillas, DG; Deveny Bywaters, LGET; and Rose Wellman, LGM

The 2009-2010 District STAFF were: Scott Stevenson, DG; Cathey Armillas, LGET; and Deveny Bywaters, LGM.

The 2008-2009 District STAFF were: Ann Snelling, DG; Scott Stevenson, LGET; adnd PJ Kleffner, LGM.

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District 7 Conferences Edit

See D7 Calendar for details.

The Divisions of District 7 Edit

Division A (Southern) Division B (Central) Division C (Capitol)

Division D (Columbia) Division E (Willamette) Division F (Downtown) Division G (Northern) Division H (Sunset) Division I (High Desert)

Past International Officers from District 7 Edit

Past International President Edit

Name Title Years
George C. Scott DTM 1975-1976
Gary Schmidt DTM 2009-2010

Past International Directors Edit

Name Title Years
Gary Schmidt DTM 2003-2005
Dorothy Cottingham DTM 2000-2002
Carl Cottingham DTM 1986-1988
Donald S. Kearton DTM 1977-1979
George C. Scott DTM 1968-1970
Edward P. Miska 1965-1967
Evans T. Hamilton 1957-1959
Emil H. Nelson 1953-1959
Irv L. Saucerman 1951-1953
Carl Hasenkamp 1948-1950
Donald T. Nelson 1946-1948
Ernest C. Davis 1940-1941

Past District 7 Recipients of the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award Edit

Name Year
Glen Murphy 2004
Dan Winterburn 2004
Carl Cottingham 1997
Glen Meek 1992
Maureen Casterline 1989
Norm Webb 1987
Donald Kearton 1976

Past District 7 Governors Edit

Years Name Years Name
1940-41 Ernest Davis 1977-78 Ronald Kalina, DTM*
*Distinguished District
 **Select Distinguished District
***President's Distinguished District

Annual Awards Recipients Edit

Toastmaster of the Year Edit

Years Name
1972-73 Dave Brown
1973-74 Don Kearton
1974-75 Ray Reed
1975-76 Don Woodward
1976-77 G.R. "Bob" Williams
1977-78 Kevin Rivers
1978-79 William Lawson
1979-80 Jil Peterson
1980-81 Bruce Barnes
1981-82 Sheila Wilson
1982-83 Bettye Wetzel
1983-84 Norman Webb
1984-85 Connie Harris
1985-86 Terry K. Swanson
1986-87 Ron Edson
1987-88 Marcia Brown
1988-89 James Centerline
1989-90 Gene Hamilton
1990-91 Gwen Morrow
1991-92 Ruth Delker
1992-93 Rhonda Coakley

Outstanding Division Governor Edit

Years Name
1990-91 Rene Elvin

Outstanding Area Governor Edit

Years Name
1977-78 Brain Barkman

Rookie of the Year Edit

Years Name
1986-87 Peggy Ziegler

Lou Webb Award Edit

Years Name
1989-90 Lou Webb

Herbert C. Stude Educational Service Award Edit

Years Name
1983-84 Jon Woodworth

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