DISTRICT 45 is one of Toastmasters International's 77 districts found worldwide. We are unique because we have a combination of American states and Canadian provinces. On the American side of the border are Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. In Canada, we have New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. District 45 is one of eight Districts in Region_VII.

The 2008-2009 District Governor is Candice Buell. The District 45 Website URL is

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District 45 Conferences Edit

District 45 hosts two conferences each year. One in May and the other usually in late October or early November. For details on the conference, please view the District 45 Conference website - Visit the conference website to find out about our next Toastmasters conference..

The Divisions of District 45 Edit

Division A Edit

Division A serves Vermont and New Hampshire.

Division B Edit

Division B serves Maine and coastal New Hampshire.

Division C Edit

Division C serves New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Division D Edit

Division D serves Nova Scotia, including Cape Breton Island.

A visual listing of clubs can be seen via GoogleMaps

Newsletter: The Can-AM Link Edit

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