DG Debra Cartier, DTM
Cumberland, Rhode Island USA

District 31 Toastmasters International, serves the 2800 members and the 130+ Clubs in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. District 31 is one of eight Districts in Region_VII.

The 2005-2006 District Governor is Deb Cartier, DTM. The LGET and LGM are Cherylle Garnes, DTM and Bo Bennett, DTM. District 31 Website URL is http://www.district31.org/

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District 31 Spring 07 Conference[edit | edit source]

The District 31 Spring Conference was held on Saturday, May 5, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in Dedham Massachusetts USA. Toastmasters International President Johnny Uy, DTM attended the conference. The State Senate of Massachusetts also recognized George Manoogian and Victor Carbone. George was honored for his dedication to the prison clubs and Victor for his work with the youth leadership program.

District 31 Fall 06 Conference[edit | edit source]

The District 31 Conference was held on Saturday, November 11, 2006 at Bentley College, Waltham MA.

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