DG Lee Holiday, DTM
Alpharetta, Georgia USA

District 14 Toastmasters serves 225 Toastmaster Clubs and 5100 members in Georgia, USA. The 2006-2007 District Governor is Lee Holliday, DTM. The LGET and LGM are Joy Lewis, DTM and xxx.

The District 14 Website URL is

District 14 Spring Conference Edit

The Spring 2006 District 14 Conference will be held on May 5-6, 2006 at Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center, Peachtree City, Georgia. The conference is FEATURING ....

The Divisions of District 14 Edit

Division A Edit

2011-2012 District 14 -Division International Speech Contest Winner Anne Michelle Taylor

Division B Edit

Division C Edit

Division D Edit

Division E Edit

Division F Edit

Division G Edit

Division H Edit

Division I Edit

District ConferencesEdit

Newsletter: Georgia Gavel Edit

The Georgia Gavel is the newsletter for District 14 and is published on a quarterly basis.

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