Demonstration Meetings are often used as a means to promote an existing Toastmasters Club, or often to develop interest and commence a new toastmasters club.

What is a Demonstration Meeting? Edit

A Demonstration Meeting allows attendees to experience a Meeting first hand, and to identify the skills they can develop and the benefits they may receive from joining such a club. Generally, members of an existing Club or Area get together and run a meeting very similar to their normal Club format. They will typically put on show examples of Impromptu Speaking in the form of Table Topics, and Prepared Speeches from the standard Toastmasters Manuals. Many clubs add to the role of Toastmaster to be a "Narrator" for the audience - making sure that every activity is explained for people unfamiliar with Toastmasters terminology. The opportunity to advertise Toastmasters is not to be missed, and prepared clubs make sure every visitor walks away with a small pack with contact details, so they can be reminded of what they experienced, and the benefits of joining Toastmasters.

References Edit

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