A worksheet for use by the Counters in a Speech Contest, along with instructions to Counters and to Chief Judge.


A matrix in which the Counter enters, for each Contest Judge, the score corresponding to that judge’s placement for each contestant. The matrix accommodates ten judges and ten contestants, plus room for a total score for each contestant. The scores for any one contestant are arranged vertically, facilitating totalling them up.

Ah Counter Sheet Edit



The Counter is instructed as follows:

  1. For each Contest Judge's ballot, enter a score for each contestant according to the following scheme:
    1. First place—three (3) points
    2. Second place—two (2) points
    3. Third place—one (1) point
  2. Compute the total score for each contestant
  3. Consulting the Timer's report, eliminating any contestant who has been disqualified for time.
  4. Calculate the placement of the contestants
    1. In case of a tie score, use the Tiebreaking Judge's ballot to resolve the tie.
  5. Prepare a Chief Judge's Report, indicating:
    1. First place contestant name
    2. Second place contestant name
    3. Third place contestant name
    4. Whether any contestant was eliminated due to disqualification


  • The instructions make no differentiation between the work to be done by the Counter versus that done by the Chief Counter.
  • The Speech Contest Rules specifies that the Chief Counter
    • Shall oversee the work of the Counters,
    • Shall ensure that each Contest Judge’s ballot be “counted twice”,
    • Is the official who resolves any tie.
  • The Speech Cont{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px;"

! scope="col"| ! scope="col"| |- | | |- | | |- | | |- | | |} est Rules fails to describe how the Qualifying Judges arrive at their decision regarding the originality of the speech nor at what point their decision is to be incorporated into the placement of the contestants.


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