Toastmasters Southern Africa (District 74) will hold its 2009 annual conference in Cape Town, South Africa from 14-16 May 2009. Called "The Conference at the Gardens" it will be hosted by Division D and take place at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Registration Edit

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Conference committee Edit

  • Convenor - Brian Gowans
  • Deputy Convenor - Donna Maclagan
  • Programme - Francois Rossouw
  • Public Relations - Jurgens Pieterse
  • Treasurer - Sarah Rossouw
  • Secretary - Ank Gowans
  • Registration - Richard Perkins
  • Accommodation - Diedre Pluke
  • Lois Strachan
  • Graeme Cairns

Introduction Edit

The Conference at the Gardens was introduced during TreasureCon held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in May 2008 by Jurgens Pieterse, Donna Maclagan and Richard Perkins:

"According to African legend, Tixo, the God of the Sun and Djobela, the Earth Goddess, made love and conceived Qamata. When Qamata created the world, he was attacked by the Great Dragon of the Sea, Nganyamba, who was very jealous and wanted to stop the formation of dry land. In the battle with the Great Dragon of the Sea, Qamata was crippled, but the Earth Mother came to his aid. She created four mighty giants to guard the north, south, east and west corners of the world and placed the biggest and strongest giant at the gateway to the south. After many terrible battles with the Great Dragon of the Sea, the giants were killed one by one. But before they died, they requested that Djobela the Earth Mother turn them into mountains, so that even in death, they could guard the world. The greatest giant of all, Umlindi Wemingizimu, became Table Mountain, the watcher of the south." I continued by explaining that the stars have now revealed another great event when the wind will call all toastmasters to convene in the mysterious garden at the foot of the mountain. Here the serenity and tranquility will be combined with energy and diversity when Toastmasters gather to say their magical words: "Leadership and communication". We invite all Toastmasters to dream with us for from these dreams this event will be realised!

The venue Edit

Kirstenbosh gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is world-renowned for the beauty and diversity of the Cape flora it displays and for the magnificence of its setting against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain.

Kirstenbosch grows only indigenous South African plants. The estate covers 528 hectares and supports a diverse fynbos flora and natural forest. The cultivated garden (36 hectares) displays collections of South African plants, particularly those from the winter rainfall region of the country. It was founded in 1913.

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