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The Concordia Toastmasters Club meets every Monday evening (with the exception of federal or provincial holidays), from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Meetings are held in Concordia's Henry F. Hall Building, at 1455 Boul. de Maisonneuve West. We meet in room H-441.

What to expectEdit

The Concordia Toastmasters Club is affiliated with Concordia University, and was started to give faculty, staff, students and alumni a place to practice their public speaking and leadership skills, following the proven Toastmasters International curriculum.

The Club does not restrict membership to the Concordia Community, as it recognizes that the more a club is diverse, the better it is for everyone. All are welcome!


The Concordia Toastmasters Club developed from a Speechcraft Program that was presented by Van Petteway for administrative personnel of Concordia University. The first session of Speechcraft was held May 25, 1998.

As a result of the success of the initial Speechcraft Program and the commitment of the participants and the enthusiastic support of many experienced Toastmasters, the stage was set for the formation of a new club.

The first meeting of the Concordia Toastmasters Club was held September 22, 1998. The Concordia Toastmasters Club received its Charter from Toastmasters International February 18, 1999.


The Concordia Toastmasters Club is aligned in Region VI, District 61, Division F, Area 54. The Club had been in Area 23 until the District's redivision for 2006.


The Concordia Toastmasters Club is honoured to be continually recognized for the level of excellence that we achieve as a group. The following is a list of some of the Club's achievements:

Best Club in Division EEdit

  • 2003/2004

Best Club in Area 23Edit

  • 2003/2004
  • 2004/2005

President's Distinguished ClubEdit

  • 2000/2001
  • 2001/2002
  • 2002/2003
  • 2003/2004
  • 2004/2005
  • 2005/2006

Contact detailsEdit

For more information, or for any questions, please use the 'Contact Us' feature on our webpage.

You may also enjoy visiting our Facebook Group , where you can chat with club members and executives.


For 2015, the fees are set at $10/month for students, $12.50 for non-students, with the addition of a one-time of $25 for new members to cover processing fees and the cost of the first two Toastmasters manuals.

Meeting dates for the rest of the Toastmasters Year Edit

The Club will continue to meet on every Monday, unless otherwise posted on the Club's meeting information page.

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