A Toastmasters club meeting consists of three basic parts:

Prepared speeches in which one or more members present speeches based on projects in the Toastmasters Educational Program, or other speech project. Usually at least three speakers are scheduled; however, this may vary depending on the meeting program and length of the meeting.

Evaluations Each prepared speech and leadership role is verbally evaluated by a fellow member in a helpful, constructive manner using given evaluation criteria. In addition, the evaluator prepares a written evaluation for the speaker, and all members are invited to submit written comments to the speaker, too.

Table Topics In this segment, members not otherwise scheduled as program participants have an opportunity to present one- to two-minute impromptu talks.

Some clubs also conduct a business meeting at least once each month to handle club affairs. The business meeting provides an opportunity for members to practice parliamentary procedure and leadership skills. The order in which these segments are conducted may vary. Length of each portion may vary too, depending on meeting length. Some clubs meet for one hour or less, while some clubs meet for 90 minutes or more.

Meeting Roles and ResponsibilitiesEdit

In Toastmasters, you learn by participating. During club meetings you will participate in many roles, and each one is a learning experience. Following are the roles you will be called upon to fulfill (consult the corresponding wiki article tips for doing a good job). Roles and responsibilities may vary from club to club, so check with your Vice President Education or Mentor when you are assigned a role.

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