A manual in the Advanced Communication Series, containing information about impromptu talks, preparing inspirational speeches, selling a product, reading out loud, and introducing a speaker.

The Projects[edit | edit source]

Speak Off the Cuff[edit | edit source]

Time 5–7 minutes
  • Understand how to prepare for impromptu speaking.
  • Develop skill in the impromptu situation by using one or more patterns.

Uplift the Spirit[edit | edit source]

Time 8–10 minutes
  • Identify and understand the basic differences and similarities between inspirational speeches and other kinds of speeches.
  • Learn how to evaluate audience feeling and establish emotional rapport
  • Develop a speech style and delivery that effectively expresses inspirational content by moving the audience to adopt your views.

Sell a Product[edit | edit source]

Time 10–12 minutes
  • Skilfully use four steps in a sales presentation: attention, interest, desire, action.
  • Identify and promote a unique selling proposition in a sales presentation.

Read Out Loud[edit | edit source]

Time 12–15 minutes
  • Arrive at an understanding of the elements that comprise oral interpretation and how it differs from preparing and giving a speech.
  • Learn the preparation or planning techniques of effective interpretation.
  • Learn the principles of presentation and develop skill in interpretive reading with regard to voice and body as instruments of communication.

Introduce the Speaker[edit | edit source]

Time standard meeting time
  • Become more knowledgeable and skilled as a “master of ceremonies”.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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