Tips for projects in the Competent Communication ManualEdit

Tips Per Assignment

Tips for meeting roles Edit

See Meeting Roles for complete information about any of the roles you may carry out in a Toastmasters meeting. Remember that some of these roles qualify towards progress in the Leadership Track.

Advanced Communication tipsEdit

Are you planning how you will fulfill your Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver, or Gold? See the article Advanced Communication Series for a listing of the 15 manuals used in the advanced Communication Track. Each of the manuals has its own article in this wiki describing each of the five projects in the manual.

Be a More Effective SpeakerEdit

Resources for Speakers Edit

Here are some links to websites—Toastmasters and otherwise—that are a wonderful resource for speakers. Please update them as you find more resources.

  • District 70 Toastmasters Resources for Speakers—Links to jokes, inspirational content, speakers newsletters, and other resources (such as Roget's thesaurus).
  • Craig Speaks — published articles on communication. Lots of tips for sales people, remembering names, cold calling, as well as building rapport and listening skills.
  • The Roseville Area Toastmasters — has a page of links to resources on other district web sites. They also have Toastmaster Enthusiasts — a section of prominent people who have pages promoting Toastmasters.
  • District 49 Resources — outlines of the manuals, including the ATM manuals in PDF format.

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