Toastmasters International

Serves 6 Districts and ???? Clubs in US (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, North & South Dakotas, Montana) and Canada (Alberta, Saskachewan, Manitoba, and West/Central Ontario).

2009 Conference Website[]


  • District 6—Southern, Central and Northeastern Minnesota; West-Central Ontario, Canada
  • District 19—Iowa and Dakota County, Nebraska
  • District 24—Eastern Nebraska
  • District 42—Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada
  • District 64—Manitoba and Western Ontario, Canada
  • District 78—Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota



The Region IV International Directors are Sherri Wood, DTM and Cliff Heinsch, DTM.

Region IV Conference[]

The Date: June 16-17, 2006
The Place: Minneapolis Marriott Southwest, 5801 Opus Parkway, Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA
The Conference Web Site

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