A manual in the Advanced Communication Series, containing information about preparing a speech that will generate a favorable attitude toward you and your product, company or service, presenting a positive image of yourself and your company or organization on a radio talk show, persuading an audience to accept your viewpoint, addressing a hostile audience and communicating with the public during a crisis situation.

The ProjectsEdit

The Goodwill SpeechEdit

Time 5–7 minutes
  • Prepare a talk that will build goodwill for your organization by supplying useful information of interest to the audience.
  • Favorably influence the audience by skillful and friendly delivery of your talk.

The Radio Talk ShowEdit

Time Presentation 3-5 minutes, Q&A 2-3 minutes
  • Present a positive image of your company or organization on a simulated radio talk show.
  • Prepare a talk designed to build goodwill toward an organization by presenting factual information.
  • Understand the dynamics of a successful radio talk show.
  • Prepare for the questions that may be asked of you during the radio interview.

The Persuasive ApproachEdit

Time 5–7 minutes
  • Direct a persuasive appeal to the audience's self-interests using a combination of fact and emotion in a speech delivered in such a manner that it appears extemporaneous.
  • Persuade the audience to adopt your viewpoint by the use of standard persuasive techniques.
  • Use at least one visual aid to enhance the audience's understanding.

Speaking Under FireEdit

Time 3–5 minutes, plus 2–3 minutes Q&A
  • Prepare a talk to persuade a hostile audience to at least consider your position on a controversial issue.
  • Demonstrate sincerity when presenting your viewpoint.

The Crisis Management SpeechEdit

Time 4–6 minutes, plus 3–5 minutes Q&A
  • Learn strategies for communicating to the media about a company crisis.
  • Prepare a speech for the media about a company crisis that builds and maintains a positive image for the company.
  • Answer questions from the media in a manner that reflects positively on the company.


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