District 73 Toastmasters serves nn Toastmaster Clubs and some nnn members in South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania, Australia. District Map. We have recently reformed into two Districts.


The 2010-2012 District Governor is Carrol Jones. LGET is Catherine MacGillivray. LGM is David Murphy.

Recent HistoryEdit

DIstrict 73 has, from July 1 2011, reformed into two Districts, becoming District 73 covering Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria; and District 17, covering Western Australia.

Conferences Edit

The District recently has recently held conventions at Fremantle, Western Australia (2007); Mt Evelyn, Victoria (2008); Hahndorf, South Australia (2009), Creswick, Victoria (2010); Perth, Western Australia (2011).

Looking forward, our next Convention, in May 2012.


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