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Districts lying outside of the United States and Canada are classified as Districts Not Assigned to a Region (DNAR). They span the world:


Asia - East Asia[]

Asia - Southeast[]

Asia—South, Southwest and West[]


North, Central, and South America[]

Oceania and Australia[]

Territorial Councils[]

The Board of Directors may create non-district administrative units, such as Territorial Councils, in any undistricted territories for the purpose of forming new districts. There must be evidence of potential growth of clubs and members in a specific geographical area within five years and the evidence of the desire of at least 20 existing clubs to form a Territory Council. Provisional District status may be granted by the Board when a Territorial Council has 45 or more clubs in good standing for two (2) consecutive semiannual reporting periods.

  • China shall be designated as the Territorial Council of China effective July 1, 2006
  • The Caribbean Territorial Council shall be designated District 81P effective July 1, 2006.
  • The South Asia Territorial Council (India and Sri Lanka) has been designated District 82P effective July 1, 2006.



The DNAR International Directors are Beth Thomas DTM (2004-2006) from South Africa and John Lau DTM (2005-2007) from Malaysia. For more information on Districts Not Assigned to Regions, visit

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