Toastmasters Clubs around the world hold Contests to provide experience for their members. Members develop and present various forms of speeches that are presented under special contest conditions, where winners can find themselves competing with winners from other Clubs, Areas, Divisions, and Districts. Toastmasters International] provides guidelines for each of the following contests.

Competitors in the International Speech Contest can compete against other speakers around the world to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

If you are a Contest Host Club, a Contest Chair, or are Judging a contest, the contest checklist can be used as an action plan or running script for your contest.

The difference between Contests, Conferences and Conventions[edit | edit source]

  • Contests take place at Club, Area, Division, and District levels and are speech competitions at which people compete in a variety of Contests; International (or English Prepared), Evaluations, Table Topics (or Impromptu), Humorous and Tall Tales are some examples.
  • Conferences take place at Area, Division, District and Region level. They usually include an Area, Division or District Contest, but also include other content. For examples of a Conference, go to Playcon, Kammacon, or

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