From Marlene Ward, DTM - The Six Signals All Audiences Want To Hear

Signal number one: ” I will not waste your time” Give this signal very early, preferably in the first ten seconds, get straight to the point of why you are there, what you expect to accomplish and motivate your audience to listen.

Signal number two: “I know who you are” Not only must you know your audience but also you must tell them so. Acknowledge the group and zero in on their specific needs. Set the tone for the presentation.

Signal number three: ” I am well organised” The audience must be told that the speech is organized and how it will be structured. This gives the listeners the opportunity to organize their memory banks.

Signal number four: “I know my subject” Audiences want to know “Why you and why this topic”? Establish your credibility and expertise. This is not bragging but common sense.

Signal number five: “Here is my most important point” Signal with – “the key thought is” or reemphasise/restate your main point.

Signal number six: “I am about to wrap up” This signal must be upbeat and positive, and is also a chance for those who have not listened properly to hear your summary and restatement of the purpose.

Marlene Ward DTM is also a member of the National Speakers Association and a member of Golden Gavel. This article was 'stolen' from Erich Viedge's "On a Point" of the 26th July 2006.

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