About usEdit is an award-winning Toastmasters club (est. 1982) based in Santa Clara, CA, USA. We provide a friendly & supportive environment where you can improve your public speaking skills by delivering speeches in front of an audience & getting immediate feedback from evaluators. Our members include a good mix of veteran and novice speakers, and membership is open to everyone (not just employees of Applied Materials, Inc.]). Our meetings give everyone a chance to practice conducting meetings, deliver prepared speeches, give impromptu speeches and offer constructive evaluation.

You are welcome to attend any of our meetings as a guest (it's free).

Meeting informationEdit

We meet every Wednesday between 12:00 - 1:00 PM at the following location:

Applied Materials Building 12,
3225 Oakmead Village Drive,
Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Oakmead Village Drive is parallel to Bowers. Google Maps

What to expectEdit

The home page of our website has more information on visiting our club and what to expect at our meetings.


Over the years, our club and its members have picked up several awards.

Contact detailsEdit

For more information about our club:

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