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This article is a source of information about the various Toastmasters Advanced Speech Manuals. It provides a listing and description of all of the Toastmasters International Advanced Speech Manuals in one place. It will be finalized to include links to reviews and fuller details. The main data of interest to potential users is what is each manual about and how long will each project take.

People who have experience with each will include notes, caveats, hints and links for each project so that more than the simple, sometime ambiguous title of each project is explained more thoroughly.[]

Each manual is available for purchases from [Toastmasters International] for US$6 by members.[]

This page deals with the English language set. There are also several translated versions available of many of the manuals.[]

==Manual: 226-A The Entertaining Speaker
Inside Scoop: The main purpose of an entertaining speaker is to provide the audience with a pleasant diversion. The projects in this manual help you explore and develop skills in various type of entertaining speeches, with different goals, from humor to drama, from short to long.

  1. ==The Entertaining Speech 5–7 min==
  2. ==Resources for Entertainment 5-7 min==
  3. ==Make Them Laugh 5-7 min==
  4. ==A Dramatic Talk 5-7 min==
  5. ==Speaking After Dinner 8-10 min==

==Manual: 226-B Speaking to Inform

  1. ==The Speech To Inform 5–7 min==
  2. ==Resources for Informing 5-7 min==
  3. ==The Demonstration Talk 5-7 min==
  4. ==A Fact-Finding Report 5-7 min==
  5. ==The Abstract Concept 6-8 min==

==Manual: 226-C Public Relations

  1. ==The Public Relations Speech 5–7 min==
  2. ==Resources for Goodwill 8–10 min==
  3. ==The Persuasive Approach 8–10 min==
  4. ==Speaking Under Fire 6–8 min==
  5. ==The Abstract Concept 8–30 sec==

==Manual: 226-D Facilitating Discussion
Inside Scoop: This manual is best suited for use in an advanced club or clubs which have meeting longer than an hour. Because each project is many times longer than a standard speech project, doing any project from this manual in a regular meeting means there is no time for any other activities.

  1. ==The Panel Moderator 28–30 minutes, alternatively 22–26 minutes==
  2. ==The Brainstorming Session 31–33 minutes, alternatively 20–22 minutes==
  3. ==The Problem-Solving Discussion 26–31 minutes, alternatively 19–23 minutes==
  4. ==Handling Challenging Situations 22–32 minutes, alternatively 12–21 minutes==
  5. ==Reaching a Consensus 31–37 minutes, alternatively 20–26 minutes==

==Manual: 226-E Specialty Speeches

  1. ==Speak Off the Cuff 5–7 min==
  2. ==Uplift The Spirit 8–10 min==
  3. ==Sell A Product 10–12 min==
  4. ==Read Out Loud 12–15 min==
  5. ==Introduce The Speaker Entire Meeting==

==Manual: 226-F Speeches By Management

  1. ==The Briefing 8–10 min==
  2. ==The Technical Speech 8–10 min==
  3. ==Manage And Motivate 10–12 min==
  4. ==The Status Report 12–15 min==
  5. ==The Adversary Relationship 5–15 min==

==Manual: 226-G The Professional Speaker
Inside Scoop: This manual is best suited for use in an advanced club both because of the length of the presentations and also because the projects of this length benefit most from detailed and extended evaluation and feedback which can be available from advanced clubs.

  1. ==The Keynote Address 15–20 min==
  2. ==Speaking To Entertain 15–20 min==
  3. ==The Sales Training Speech 15–20 min==
  4. ==The Professional Seminar 20–40 min==
  5. ==The Motivational Speech 15–20 min==

Manual: 226-H Technical Presentations Projects[]

  1. ==The Technical Briefing 8–10 min==
  2. ==The Proposal 8–10 min, 3–5 minute Q&A==
  3. ==The Non-technical Audience 10–12 min==
  4. ==Presenting A Technical Paper 10–12 min==
  5. ==Enhancing a Technical Talk with the Internet 12-15 min==

==Manual: 226-I Persuasive Speaking

  1. ==The Effective Salesperson 8–12 min==
  2. ==Conquering The Cold Call 10–14 min==
  3. ==The Winning Proposal 5–7 min==
  4. ==Addressing The Opposition 11–12 min==
  5. ==The Persuasive Leader 6–8 min==

==Manual: 226-J Communicating On Television

  1. ==Straight Talk 3 +- 30 sec==
  2. ==The Talk Show 10 +- 30 sec==
  3. ==When You're The Host 10 +- 30 sec==
  4. ==The Press Conference 4–6 min, 8–10 minutes Q&A==
  5. ==Training On Television 5–7 min, plus 5–7 minutes for playback==

==Manual: 226-K Storytelling

  1. ==The Folk Tale 7–9 min==
  2. ==Let's Get Personal 6–8 min==
  3. ==The Moral Of The Story 4–6 min==
  4. ==The Touching Story 6–8 min==
  5. ==Bringing History To Life 7–9 min==

==Manual: 226-L Interpretive Reading
Inside Scoop: This manual does not require any speech writing! It is all about material selection and presentation. These are great speeches to give when visiting another club since they are a great change of pace for most clubs.

  1. ==Read A Story 7–9 min==
  2. ==Interpreting Poetry 6–8 min==
  3. ==The Monodrama 4–6 min==
  4. ==The Play 6–8 min==
  5. ==The Oratorical Speech 7–9 min==

==Manual: 226-M Interpersonal Communications

  1. ==Conversing With Ease 10–14 min==
  2. ==The Successful Negotiator 10–14 min==
  3. ==Diffusing Verbal Criticism 10–14 min==
  4. ==The Coach 10–14 min==
  5. ==Asserting Yourself Effectively 10–14 min==

==Manual: 226-N Special Occasion Speeches

  1. ==Mastering The Toast 2–3 min==
  2. ==Speaking In Praise 5–7 min==
  3. ==The Roast 3–5 min==
  4. ==Presenting An Award 3–4 min==
  5. ==Accepting An Award 5–7 min==

==Manual: 226-O Humorously Speaking

  1. ==Warm Up Your Audience 5–7 min==
  2. ==Leave Them With A Smile 5–7 min==
  3. ==Make Them Laugh 5–7 min==
  4. ==Keep Them Laughing 5–7 min==
  5. ==The Humorous Speech 5–7 min==


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