Meeting Times / Venue Edit

AUT Toastmasters meets every Thursday at 12 noon. See for details of the venue.


What to expect Edit

For many people their greatest fear is of speaking in public, be it at a meeting in the office, at a social gathering or on a platform. If we learn to cope with this fear, we place other fears in their proper perspective. This means that we either grow or decline, and the growth that Toastmasters nurtures helps us to learn to manage our fears more effectively through developing our skills. This is done at a pace that suits each and every individual because we set our own pace.


Members Edit

We have a diverse membership consisting of students (of all ages), recent graduates, staff members and professionals.

Club Alignment Edit

Our club is in Area A3, Division A, District 72 (New Zealand).

Further Information Edit

For more information, contact us at or website:

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