Mon 6 March: Theme: Poetic LicenceEdit

Toast: Mahomed Bux delivered Ewa's toast.
Toastmaster: Andre Reyneke
Wordmaster: Rob
Poem: Sibusisiwe Mntambo delivered a poem by Maya Angelou.
Timekeeper: Tiaan Otto.
Speaker 1: Carla Sargo C&L1 "Love will find a way" Passed
Speaker 2: Mario Vanderlis C&L1 "Ice breaker" Passed
Speaker 4: David Hardingham C&L5 "The difference between men and women (Title to be confirmed). Passed
Speaker 6: Erich Viedge. ATM-B speech "You Don't Snooze, You Lose", Resources for Entertaining from The Entertaining Speaker Asked to repeat. by Arran
Table Topics Master: Narina Uys Table topics Speakers

  • Tiaan Otto: All Calendars' Days are Numbered
  • Ricci New: If You've Seen One Shopping Centre, You've Seen A Mall
  • Mario Vanderlis: A Man's Home Is His Castle, In A Manor Of Speaking

Evaluation Chair: Michele Rauff
Evaluator 1: Michele Rauff to evaluate Carla's speech
Evaluator 2: Sibusisiwe Mntambo [confirmed] to evaluate Mario's speech
Evaluator 4: Louise Howell [confirmed] to evaluate David's speech
Evaluator 6: Arran Valkin [confirmed] to evaluate Erich's speech

Wed 22 March: Club Contest

  • English prepared speaking contest

Contestant 1: Andre Reyneke (off-line evaluation required)
Contestant 2: Sue Munro (no E) Sue Didn't Speak
Contestant 3: David Hardingham "Marshalling"
Contestant 4: Andre Reynecke "Have Fun and Learn" (Winner)

  • Table topics contest

Contestant 1: Arran Valkin
Contestant 2: Zibuyile Mntambo (Winner)
Contestant 3: Gwyneth (Withdrawn)
Contestant 3: Sibusisiwe Mntambo (Runner up)

  • Evaluation contest

Contestant 1: Narina Uys (Winner)
Contestant 2: Michelle Rauff (Runner up)
Contestant 3: Andre Reynecke

Guest speaker: Lynda Skinner: "Watch. This. Space."

Contest chair: Erich Viedge
Chief judge: Ruth Goodbrand
Judge 1:Mahomed Bux
Judge 2:Martin Barnard (withdrawn)

Timekeeper 1: Tiaan Otto
Timekeeper 2: Isabel
Tally counter 1: Michelle Rauff
Tally counter 2: Ricci New
Contest sergeant-at-arms: Mahomed Bux

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